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Breaking Through: Voices of Breakthrough Pain in Cancer PatientsTM is an education campaign dedicated to giving a voice to people living with breakthrough pain in cancer.

Many people with cancer and survivors who experience constant, background pain also experience episodes of sudden, severe pain (breakthrough pain) that can occur without any apparent reason. The first step in managing breakthrough pain in cancer is having an open dialogue with your oncologist about the Onset, Intensity and Duration of the pain so an appropriate treatment regimen can be provided.

The Breaking Through campaign was developed by Archimedes Pharma U.S., Inc. in partnership with leading cancer advocacy organizations. This first-of-its-kind survey is designed to identify the impact, barriers and experience you have had when discussing pain episodes with your healthcare providers.

Your response to this survey will help in the development of educational programs that address these barriers and encourage patients and oncologists to discuss and treat their breakthrough pain.

The survey may take about 10-15 minutes to complete. We encourage you to speak to family members or anyone who may be familiar with your pain episodes to help you complete the survey. We also encourage you to visit and bookmark for more information about breakthrough pain in cancer.

Thank you for your participation in the Breaking Through survey.

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